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Acetabular insert

GT C1/P — Polyethylene articular inserts
The polyethylene articular insert are manufactured whith the latest generation of Ultra High Molecular Weight PE (UHMWPE) HR, without Calcium Stearate, by means of the suitable manufacture and preservation technologies of the raw material, which contributes in the conservation of the characteristic of this material, successfully used in clinical applications for over 40 years.
Polyethylene inserts are available in standard, 20° hooded and retentive versions, and in a special retentive version providing a locking mechanism based upon the same concept as that of the permedica Bi-articular cup. As well as a protruded insert version that permits 7mm transfer of the joint rotation centre.

GT C2/M — Metal Metal insert
GT C2/M metal articular insert for metal on metal cupling is available in standard version and 10§ hooded version (on special request) for coupling with the GT-C/M ball heads.
The Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum forged alloy (ISO5832/12) represents the best choice in materials thanks to the combined effect of its components: the superior hardness of the carbides contained into the alloy protects the articulating surfaces against adhesive wear whereas the fracture resistance of CrCoMo matrix provides protection against abrasive wear.

GT C2/C — Ceramic insert
BIOLOX® (Delta and Forte) articular inserts ensure a very low level of wear thanks to high corrosion resistance, material biocompatibility, degree of hardness, dimensional stability of the components and to excellent wetting and low roughness of surfaces.